Learning Irish

2016 Registration

Tuesday 6 September, 8pm to 9pm

Registration for classes will take place at our usual venue, St. Kentigern’s Social Club, Hart Road, Fallowfield. To sign up come along and speak to one of our teachers. We will ask people to take a short test to guage their level before assigning them to the appropriate class

Classes offered 2016 - 2017

Irish class for children

Tuesday 5.30 - 6.30pm

Aimed at school level children, parental supervision is required.

GCSE Irish classes for adults

Tuesday 7 - 8pm

Study towards GCSE Irish qualification. Some exisiting knowledge of Irish is a pre-requisite for this course

Complete Beginners Irish

Tuesday 8 - 9pm

For those who have not had any contact with the language previously. This course will introduce the learner to simple conversation and familiarise them with basic aspects of Irish grammar

Intermediate / Advanced Beginners Irish

Tuesday 8 - 9pm

For returning students or those who may have learned some time ago but are a bit rusty. This course will build on the grammar and conversation obtained in the beginner level

Conversation Group / Rang Comhrá

Tuesday 8 - 9pm

This class is conducted completely through Irish. For those who have a good level of Irish, the Conversation class will offer a chance to improve your vocabulary and boost conficence in your spoken Irish through regular practice. Activities vary from week to week, including topical discussions, 20 questions, Scrabble, story telling

Some facts about our classes

We follow the TEG syllabus as set out by NUI Maynooth. This is the Irish version of the standard European language framework. We do not currently have the capacity to teach beyond B1 levels at present

We are not an exam centre, but students can choose to travel to Maynooth to sit the official TEG exams.

Since we are a community group all our teachers are volunteers.

Classes are very informal usually lasting 75 mins and are located in a public bar area. Drinking alcohol is permitted in the classes (within reason of course).

There are no fees for any of our classes, however we do encourage all members to support the venue by purchasing a drink or at least a packet of peanuts.

There is an optional second part to the classes where the students of all levels get together to find out anout a theme or a piece of Irish culture.

For further information please contact Pat McGuinness (0161 225 0645)

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